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T h e      M a g i c k      C i r c l e
The Magick Circle has a large selection of Hoodoo amulets, bones, charms, necklaces, oils & much more.
We have soaps and sprays
We have Magickal Oils, Essentical Oils & Chakra Oils
Looking for Floor washes, CD's, Meditation Elemental Koshi Bells, Amber bracelets or necklaces.
We have a large selection of candles in different sizes, color, figured, chakras, and in 7 or 21 day candles. We also carry a variety of different titled books that can guide you on your spiritual path.
See our selection of crystals in clusters, tumbled stones and raw points.
The Magick Circle

Your one stop shop for all your magical needs. Take a look at our Santeria section were we carry all the orishas supplies, materials, amulets, oils, eggshell chalk, cowrie shells, three footed caldron and more.