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T h e      M a g i c k      C i r c l e
Third Pentacle of the Sun Talisman

Laden with many magical sigils, this potent amulet grants the ability to acquire riches, glory and renown.

Green Opal

Green Opal is a rare and powerful transformation stone from Madagascar known as " The Stone of Life." This gem can infuse you with a fresh dose of enthusiasm and stamina. A powerful healing stone, Opal cleanses the emotions and aides in balancing the Chakras. It also restores harmony to your relationships, or your environment, instills hope, and attracts good luck. Opal is insightful; granting intuition and clarity of thought. It can assist with decision making.


Northern Hemisphere: Jan 20- Feb 18
Southern Hemisphere: Jul 22 - Aug 22
Direction: North - Northeast
Element: Air - Stone: Turquoise
Horoscope: Aquarius

Otter people are humanitarians who seek to create a better world for all. Though fiercely independent. Otter’s love is loyal to the end and beyond.

Playful master of the element of water. Please teach me to swim joyfully through life. As you leap and dive and slide. May I also remember that play is essential to survival. Help me take pleasure in sharing and receiving. At ease with the world’s abundance. Help me to move with quickness and grace. Adapting to any environment. Help me to always remain curious. Ever seeking new perspectives and experiences. Open to love and laughter and all the mysteries above and below the surface of my life.​
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